About The Belcak (pronounced Bell-sack) Weather Station

Located in the development of Little Neck Farm, just 5 miles north of the town of Rock Hall, MD, this weather station is located at 39° 09' 58” (39.1661 North) North and 076° 15' 22” (-076.2561 West) West at about 23ft. above sea level. Our private weather station is intended to provide a source of local information to residents of Kent County as well as visitors who spend a good part of their summer enjoying the boating, fishing and natural environment of our Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore surroundings.

Station Equipment

The weather is monitored by a Davis Vantage Pro2 Model 6153 wireless weather station with a 24-hour fan aspirated radiation shield. Included is a wireless Integrated Sensor Suite that monitors outside weather data and sends it to the Vantage Pro2. This data is then collected by a computer running 24/7 using Weather Display software. From this data we provide the web site with information.

Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite Reception = 99%
Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite Battery = 4.7 Volts
Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite Battery Status = Ok
Weather Station PC up for 37 Days 17 Hours 12 Minutes 58 Seconds
Weather Station PC free memory 11.76GB
Weather Display Software last started 9:41:23 AM 11/5/2019
Current Weather Display Software Version 10.37S-(b92)

Data Accuracy

The positioning and calibration of the weather station sensors has been sited to maximize accuracy of the readings. We use CWOP to monitor the accuracy of our data.

CWOP checks weather stations' data against one another to compare quality. This quality checker was developed by Phillip Gladstone (CW0003). The Belcak Weather Station is automatically notified via email if our data falls out of spec.

For those looking to setup their own stations, CWOP offers a guide on station setup and quality assurance. (PDF format)

About Rock Hall, MD

cross roads
As far south as you can go on Maryland Route 20, lies our unique community that traces its history to the beginnings of the United States. Originally known as Rock Hall Crossroads, this quaint fishing town was first an important port-of-call for tobacco ships and later a primary fishing and crabbing center on the Chesapeake Bay.

The official date for the establishment of Rock Hall Crossroads is 1707, but many believe that the small collection of homes dates back much further. When water routes provided the most popular and safest mode of travel, Rock Hall was an important port for packets bringing people up the Bay from the south and Maryland´s Western Shore.The travelers came to join the overland routes headed north to Philadelphia and New York. George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson often traveled through Rock Hall.

For over 300 years, locals looked to the Chesapeake Bay and the Rock Hall waters to earn their living. The heritage of the “watermen” was passed from generation to generation, but several factors caused a sharp reduction in the commercial fishing industry by the end of the 20th century. Still, the local waters continue to lure pleasure boaters, sport fishermen, and tourists. The Rock Hall Museum and the Waterman’s Museum provide fascinating insights into the history of Rock Hall and its people.
History courtesy of the Town of Rock Hall, MD

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